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Short @ 1505.50.

…Stopped out.




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Either it pulls back here or blasts to the moon.  Given how extended we are, I’m guessing we pullback.  This is merely a short term bearish stance.

I’ll short the NQ mini december contract accordingly in a little while.  I’m guessing they’ll run the market up into midday before fading into the afternoon.

See NDX chart below.

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My homework appears to suggest so…

Perhaps the bulls could muster up a six hit combo to the bears in response to the beating they took on Friday.


1449 remains support for the ESU7, with the next one at 1434.  I’ll be suspicious of any gap ups, but I would consider buying a gap down.

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Shorted NQU7 @ 1994

Only 1 contract. I should have shorted earlier at 2001 when I had the chance.

Let’s see how I go with this trade.
I should have also bought spot Gold at 692 during Asian trading… 😦 .

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Crazy, I know. But the chart in the last post is telling me to short this sucker. That and the fact that AAPL tanked and will keep the Naz soft in the short term. Looking to short in the 2016-2023 zone in the NQU7. If it can close on an hourly basis above 2026, I’m out.  Low risk short IMHO if I get the opportunity.

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I reckon Big Ben will set the markets on fire with a huge breakout.  All we need is a whisper of a rate cut and we’re good to go.  As such I’m looking forward to positioning myself on the long side with ESU7 or a carry trade prior to the speech.  I’ll need to look at where to put the stops on these trades as I’m sure as heck that there’ll be violent moves that shake a lot of people out of good positions.

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We should get a stronger pullback by mid-next week. The pullback will unlikely exceed the lows from last week (although it is possible), and so should prove to be a good buying opportunity. The pullback will likely appear scary, which I guess is a good thing.

The pullback and retracement in the US is what I consider the ‘runup’ to the next drop, so I’ll be getting ready to build an intermediate short trade on the ESU7. I’m looking to short it from the 1492 area (although it could get as high as 1510). 1406 area should hold though. I’ll look to go long the NQU7 after the drop.

This is just a warning on the upcoming bear attack. Get your flamethrower ready.

Update: Considering the ESU7 is nowhere near 1480s or 90s, I don’t feel comfortable shorting unless it can rally up there. I might also try might luck at shorting the AUD/JPY later on. It looks to be going up for a stop run at the moment, but I suspect the hourly trend line from last week’s lows will most likely break tonight.

I also sold my ANZ at close and swapped into PPX at 3.33. I’ll also be looking to buy CPU at 9.38 if it ever pulls back in the coming weeks.

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